Adult Sissy Stories & More



1. She can't get pregnant
2. There's no difficult 'time of the month'
3. She is less emotional and more rational than 'real' females
4. She can't fake orgasms
5. She knows what a man really likes
6. She is definitely a bottom
7. She is usually more attractive and takes better care of herself than 'real' females
8. She will do all your housework
9. She will cook and serve your meals
10. She will serve your dinner guests above and below the table
11. She will be the source of entertainment for your guests after dinner
12. You can lend her to your friends
13. She will moan and cry just like a female when she is fucked
14. Her pussy will be tight and smooth
15. She will never say, “Not tonight, I have a headache”
16. After you use her for your pleasure she will always say “Thank you”

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