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IT ALL BEGAN EASILY ENOUGH by Sissy Erica (Part 4)


“I think you are getting addicted to cock,” he concluded with laughter.


I could only blush and nod my head that it was true when he spoke.


We sat next to each other, at the table, and he made me hold his cock while we ate.  I loved that, but his purpose was, to remind me that girls don’t rest their arms, on the table, when dining, but keep one in their lap while they use the fork or spoon in the other.  Holding onto his dick was a nice excuse to keep my free hand out of sight and enjoying itself.


He showed me how to properly clean up the kitchen and then informed me it was time for me to perform my housemaid’s duties and that he had a uniform for me to wear.


“This sounds like fun,” I thought to myself as I went upstairs ahead of him to brush my teeth and then check out the outfit he said was in the back bedroom with the rest of my things.


On the bed I found a sheer black nylon maid’s dress, quite short, with puffy cap sleeves trimmed in lace and matching lace at the hem.  The white lace was about one half inch on the sleeves and a full inch on the skirt hem.  It zipped up the back and had a high collar which sported white lace matching that on the sleeves.  It was curious to see a small ring attached to the back of the neckline and one on the zipper.  Probably to help zip it up, I assumed.


There was an ultra-sheer black full slip, in a whispery soft nylon, a black almost transparent nylon bra with special cups to hold my breast forms and show off the stiff nipples, too.  A black satin garter belt with six suspenders was with the rest of the things and a pair of ultra-sheer black brief style panties with white lace across the bottom.  Next to all this was a box of black seamed nylon stockings with about 4 inch high Cuban heel to them and a pair of black patent leather slingback high heeled shoes that sported about a 5 inch spike heel.  I wondered how I would manage to walk in these shoes.


Mr. Ferguson came in and gave me guidance in dressing myself and I was pleased to be able to recall how to don the garter belt and the bra.  He showed me how to use a finger to guide the seam up the back of my legs so they were centered and straight.  I stepped into the panties and pulled them up into place, once again thrilling to the feeling of the panties sliding over my nylon covered legs.  The slip floated down into place and I found it came to just the tops of my stockings. 


Donning the dress soon showed me it was the same length as the slip and the tops of my nylons were easily seen.  Mr. Ferguson zipped up the dress, and then surprised me by producing a small padlock and clipped it through the two rings on the back of the dress.




“This helps a good maid stay in her dress until her master decides otherwise,” he told me, and

surprised me by pulling my panties aside and holding ice cubes over my semi-hard cockette.  As soon as it had gone down he slipped the metal ring over my cock and balls like yesterday.


I had to sit to put on the shoes and quickly mastered the buckles on the straps and then stood up.  Whew!  Walking in 5 inch high heels was going to be a challenge but one I was determined to win and walk like a seductive young lady.


Then it was my job to put on new make-up, with helpful directions from Mr. Ferguson, and finally put on long silver and crystal dangly earrings before putting on the wig.


“Here,” he said, stopping me, “Let me put your maid’s cap on.”  He affixed a small lace cap atop my wig, held in place with bobbie pins. 


Looking in the mirror a very sexy French maid was staring back at me.


Then it was my task to dress Mr. Ferguson.  Before long he was wearing a soft collared shirt, light tan dress slacks, belt, and loafers.  He did not want to wear socks or underwear.


Then, as I helped him put on his shoes he directed me to unzip his pants and pull his cock out.


I knew what to do and was soon kneeling before him in my maid’s outfit and sucking his cock once more.  It took me a bit longer before I was rewarded with a nice load of fresh cum in my mouth.


“Good girl,” he intoned and then, with a swat on my fanny, told me there was a work list down stairs on the kitchen table for me to do.


I carefully navigated the stairs and found the list awaiting me.  I was to vacuum the rooms downstairs, make the master bed, wash the windows in the kitchen, and dust the living room.  At ten o’clock sharp I was to bring him his morning tea in his den where he would be doing some paperwork.


I found the work to be fun and loved parading around with the vacuum cleaner knowing he was sneaking peeks at me from the other room where he was doing his paperwork.


By ten o’clock I had things well under control and brought him a silver tray with his cup of tea, lumps of sugar in small silver bowl, and a bit of cream in a matching little silver pitcher.


“Very good, Alicia,” he told me and bade me sit on his lap as he sipped his tea.  I could feel a bit of hardness inside his slacks.  Just then the doorbell rang and I panicked!!


“Oh, answer the door, will you, Dear?  I’m expecting a friend of mine who wants to go over some items with me.”


“I, I can’t answer the door dressed like this!” I exclaimed.


“Yes, you can and you will,” he demanded.  “You look convincingly like a young girl and I want you to answer the door like a young maid would.  Now do it!”


As he said this he got up and pushed me out of the den into the hallway in full view of the front glass paned door where a tall black man, standing there, could see me.


With no choice I had to do my best to walk like a girl in the tall high heels and try to achieve some modesty by tugging my hemline down a bit to hide my stockings.  I realized the hemline was a lost cause and just minced to the door and answered it.


“Hi, I’m E.L., here to see Mr. Ferguson.  You must be Alicia his new maid,” the big black man standing on the porch said as I held the door open to see what he wanted.


“Bring him back to the den, will you, Honey?” Mr. Ferguson called out.  The insinuation was clear about our relationship when he used the term “Honey” and E.L. could hear it.


“F-follow me,” I said quietly in the most feminine voice I could muster, as I closed the door behind him.


I knew he was staring at my legs and stocking tops as we walked down the hall to the den.   I found myself hoping my seams were still straight.


“Take Mr. Cannon’s jacket for him, will you, Alicia, Darling?” he directed in a manner again fully indicating the intimacy that existed between Mr. Ferguson and me.


Dutifully, I helped him out of his sport coat and hung it in the guest closet off the entry foyer.

“And bring Mr. Cannon a cup of tea, will you, Sweetie?” I heard him call out to me further showing our intimacy and his control of the situation.


Back in the den, with a new tray with tea cup and saucer, I poured Mr. Cannon a cup of the hot tea.


“Alicia is learning to be a good maid,” Mr. Ferguson intoned.  “Not bad for a boy who only just began wearing panties earlier this week.”


I was so humiliated and must have turned a bright red in embarrassment and wanted to flee the scene and hide until Mr. Cannon was gone.


“Well, I think you’ve done a good job,” Mr. Cannon responded.  “He looks convincingly like a young girl of only about 15 or 16.  How old is he?”


“Just turned 18,” was Mr. Ferguson’s response which brought a big smile to Mr. Cannon’s face.


“Good, then he’s not jailbait then,” Mr. Cannon laughed.


“No, not at all.  In fact, he’s a wonderful cocksucker and cannot get enough loving like he was a real woman,” Mr. Ferguson told him.


At that I turned as fast as my high heels would allow and headed for the door.


“Stop right there, young lady!” I heard Mr. Ferguson yell at me.  “You have not been dismissed and it is rude to my company to behave in that manner in front of him.”


I didn’t know what to do and slowly turned back toward the two seated men with my eyes on the carpet as I stood there.


“Mr. Cannon deserves an apology, Alicia,” Mr. Ferguson said.


“I, I’m s-sorry, Sir,” I managed to stammer, looking down at the floor.


“I think you need to show him,” Mr. Ferguson said, and I looked up to see Mr. Cannon unzipping the fly of his trousers.


I looked at Mr. Ferguson with a woeful expression and waved my arms like I didn’t want to do this but he just nodded toward Mr. Cannon’s dick as if signaling, “Go suck his cock.”


Mr. Cannon had an enormous cock, it looked like it was nearly 12 inches long and already very hard.  I realized I had quite an effect upon him. 


Numbly, I felt myself propelled forward of with no further urging and then knelt before Mr. Cannon and looked closely at his upright cock.  Suddenly, I realized Mr. Ferguson knew all along I’d want this.


“May I suck your cock, Sir?” I asked and Mr. Cannon guided my face toward his erect love muscle.



“Yes, and I think I may want you to do more for me, deary,” he intoned as my lips kissed the end of his dickhead and my tongue slathered his shaft and made it wet.  Slowly I slid my lips down over the velvet head of his large dick as I pondered what else he would want of me.


“That’s a very good girl, Alicia,” I heard Mr. Ferguson say softly as he reached up under my dress while I knelt before Mr. Cannon and sucked his stiff manhood.  I felt Mr. Ferguson slip a hand inside my panties and massage my own cock and balls as he kissed the back of my neck and continued to feel me up.


As I looked up into Mr. Cannon’s face I saw he was smiling at me and I knew I was pleasing him and it thrilled me to realize that.


“I think I could stand to have this young lady be a housekeeper for me,” Mr. Cannon said to Mr. Ferguson.  “You say she is planning on entering the university where I teach?”


“Yes, she is,” Mr. Ferguson replied.  “It would be nice,” he went on, “If she had a chance to get room and board by working for someone in the manner they want.  I’m sure her parents would be most happy with the situation even if they won’t know of the full ramifications of her job.”


“That’s enough, Alicia,” Mr. Cannon told me.  “Stand up and hold your dress and slip up for me so I can see how you look.”


Embarrassed, and feeling like a piece of meat at an auction, I dutifully stood and held my skirt hem and slip up to my waist and slowly turned as both men looked me over.


“I need to see how she looks for nighttime,” Mr. Cannon told Mr. Ferguson.


“No problem.  Alicia, go upstairs,” Mr. Ferguson directed me as he unlocked my dress,  “and take off your maid’s outfit but leave on the your black seamed nylon stockings and garter belt and your black bra with the inserts.  Slip on those ultra sheer black flare leg panties I set out for you earlier along with that ultra sheer floor length black nightgown.  You can leave on your black patent sling back high heels, dear.  Now go.”


With that admonishment I found myself mincing out of the room and heading upstairs. 


In a few minutes I returned with my makeup refreshed, as I knew any girl would do, and wore the outfit Mr. Ferguson had told me to model in front of our guest.  I realized I was really in an interview for a job at college and assumed it would be to act as the housemaid for this man to earn my room and board.  I also realized my parents would jump at the chance for me to be



able to stay somewhere that way even if they didn’t know about the servitude I was being assigned to by these two men.


It was amazing to feel the silky garments gliding over my body as I moved into the room and know it was also stimulating both of the men.  Mr. Cannon still had his dick sticking out of his pants, but Mr. Ferguson was now kneeling before him sucking his cock in place of me.


It was only then that I realized Mr. Ferguson was actually gay and his life with his wife was not quite what I, and the rest of the neighbors, had thought it to be.


Upon seeing me, he turned and said, “You see, Alicia, I realized you were really a submissive some time ago and wanted to get you into panties and train you.  You’ve come along well.  I’m also a submissive but have a dominant streak that comes out once in awhile.  You helped me to enjoy that side of myself.


“My wife was also a dominant.  She loved to have sex with other men and have me wait on them both.  I would sometimes prepare a dinner for them and serve them drinks.  They would often make me wear panties but I never got into fully dressing up like we’ve done for you.


“It was also thrilling for me to suck my wife’s lovers and get them hard.  After they had had sex I would orally clean both of them and I loved it.  Mr. Cannon was my late wife’s favorite.”


I was stunned at this revelation and didn’t know what to say.  I must have just stood there with my mouth open as Mr. Ferguson slowly jacked Mr. Cannon’s large hard cock and smiled at me.


“You look beautiful, Alicia,” Mr. Cannon finally said.  “I’m quite surprised at the transformation of you into a very pretty young girl.  I saw you, a few weeks ago, working in the yard and didn’t have any idea what a gorgeous young slut you could be.


“I think I’d like for you to come live with me when you go to college and we can work out the arrangements with your parents.  They won’t know of our specific intimate details, now will they?” he asked in a manner letting me know what the deal was.


“Thank you, Sir,” I said, still a bit nervous about where all this was going.


“Ferg,” Mr. Cannon intoned, “I’ve got a raging 12 inch hard-on that needs taken care of.  I think I’d like to take Alicia up to bed and see if she can work ‘under me’ satisfactorily.  If so, then she’ll have a job when she goes to the university.” 


It all began so easily, this transformation into the shemale slut I’ve become. 



I’m still living with Mr. Cannon as his housekeeper, slut, and helping him work on his professorial doctorate.  At the same time I’m working on my degree as a student, and would love to get my “degree” in cocksucking!


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