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Pink Sissy Panties Story

It was a cool late October evening at the old inn located in Vermont
The full Harvest moon cast two shafts of light through the large windows
I stood in the moonlight looking at my reflection in the big gold framed mirror on the wall
My firm full breasts had the color of pale alabaster, my pink silken sissy panties glowed in the moonlight
I turned and walked slowly across the room to the big four poster bed
With every step my sissy panties rubbed against my shaven body creating little shivers of sexual excitement, my sheer nylons caressed my legs, my six inch high heels clicked on the old wooden floor
I took my lipstick smeared Champagne flute from the night table and drank slowly
I pulled down the satin sheet and took my place on my back with my legs spread apart
I closed my eyes and thought of the exciting, embarrassing and humiliating day that had brought me to where I am now.
It started several days ago when my master told me we were going away for a four night vacation to a resort hotel in Vermont, I was very excited until he told me I had to travel dressed as his pink feminine sissy, I wouldn’t be allowed to bring any male clothes. This sent a shiver thru my body, at this point I had never appeared in public dressed as a total sissy. I begged my master to let me travel in male clothes but he insisted I follow his orders or suffer his punishment. I meekly said, yes My master I will obey
On the day of travel My master gave me a long hard fucking to make sure I had the feeling of his cock in my ass the whole day, he made me slip in my butt plug for the trip
A very frilly pink short dress with a full skirt and petticoat were chosen, it had puffed sleeves and a lace bodice. My master had the dress custom tailored for me at the local ladies store. This had been a most embarrassing and humiliating experience for me, I had to go for four fitting sessions with a female attendant, she constantly rubbed hand casually against my panties trying to get my clitty erect., Each time she did this My master laughed and said, ‘ ‘he is s complete sissy and his clity is restrained, he can’t get hard !’, and then both of them would laugh out loud. The dress was cut four inches above my knees so it was hard to keep my garters from not showing, the lace hem of my petticoat was clearly visible at all times. My master chose my most sissy pink lace bra and panties as well as pink nylons and 5 inch pink pumps.
My makeup was applied heavily, with pink rouge, long false eyelashes, blue eye shadow, long finger nail extensions, whore red lipstick, and a curly long blond wig, I looked in the mirror and saw the image of a total faggot made up to look like a young girl !!!!
The trip was a six hour journey and was uneventful until my master stopped at a highway service area. We parked at he far end of the lot and he pulled my face down to his crotch and said ‘suck it bitch and make sure you swallow all of the cum, if any cum spills on my new trousers you will pay dearly’ I anxiously set about my task and ended up with my master shooting stream after stream of creamy cum into my mouth, some cum leaked out of my mouth but I managed to catch it with my fingers so my master’s pants wouldn’t be soiled. He turned to me and said, ‘there is cum on your chin and your lipstick is totally smeared bitch , get out of the car walk to the men’s rest room so you can clean y our chin and fix your lipstick’
As I stepped out of the car I felt like everyone’s eyes were staring at me, my heart was racing and my cheeks were flushed, it was a long walk to the restroom door. I kept my glance down and somehow managed to get to the men’s rest room, there were several men in the restroom who glared at me as I entered. I walked to the last sink in the line and took a issue out of my purse and cleaned the cum from my chin, next I wiped the smeared lipstick off and applied a fresh coat. One of the men was still in the restroom and was staring at me, as I approached the door to leave he blocked my path. ‘Well, do you need a ride ?”, I looked at him and smiled, ‘no thank you, my master is waiting’. As I paused to push the restroom door open he grabbed my ass and fondled me, I looked over my shoulder ad he said ‘tell your master he is a lucky bastard” I left the restroom as fast as I could without tripping over my high heels and returned to my master’s car
My master made me tell every detail of my first trip to a men’s room dressed as a sissy, then he asked me how I felt, I told him I was very nervous but found it excited me sexually
When we arrived at the inn I was responsible for carrying the luggage into the lobby while my master registered at the big front desk, I stood slightly behind my master. The clerk kept staring at me even though this was a gay/lesbian friendly resort. When I thought my master had finished the clerk told me I had to sign the register and show him a valid ID, specifically my driver’s license. There were five or six people being serviced and they started whispering among themselves as they stared at me. I fumbled in my pink purse and managed to produce my license and sign the register in a shaky hand
We went up to our room where my master immediately bent me over the arm of an easy chair, pulled out my butt plug and fucked me, when he finished he said, ‘get used to my cock being either in your mouth or your pussy for the next four days bitch’.
It was now 11 pm and we had just returned from having some drinks at the hotel bar, when we returned to our room I gave myself an enema and douche and pushed some anal lube in my pussy before shoving the butt plug back in
I opened my eyes and slowly pulled my pink sissy panties down to make sure the pink satin ribbon my master had used this morning was still tied tightly around my little balls and clitty with the bow intact
I turned my head toward the bathroom and called out ‘ master I am ready for you now’
Master here is your chance to help your bitch finish this story

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