#AA-8 AA-8 Add-On Locking Option for Sissy Training Bra


This option is an Add-On providing locking loops to any bra to be ordered on my site to make it lockable.  A lock is NOT included; you must supply your own lock.  After trying other methods I think this is the best way to keep the bra on.  The actual measurements you provide with the bra order are important because I found that the bra can't have too much stretch or the locking method will not work.  The band size will be made accordingly for the device to work.



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humbling experience
By ellan Saturday, November 3, 2018
my partner told me I will wear a bra until she decides it to be removed I did not believe her, once the bra is on and adjusted when you hear that click of the lock you are truly at the mercy of the key holder you are unable to get out of